Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Introductions and How To Beat Ugly sister

Welcome all people looking for easy Adsense earnings and online incomes.

This is Adsense Guru known worldwide as Sloaner. Here is my picture where I am in business suite and holding ugly sister beating stick.

Let me Introduction myslelf to you alls.

I am Stanislavofkoff Rumanovskaiovich, I am son of Gregorillyavich Rumanovskaiovich and my mother Marianna is a Ludmilliavosticnakov by her midden name. My family are proud Rumanian.I am Adsense expert for two months now and have been advising all peoples at Google Adsense Help desk or group thingy. I am also consultant to mostly one online forum.

There I have been givings to everyone the great sayings of the mother country and telling peoples how these sayings helps to increase online income. due to popular demand by one person there I have decided to collect great wisdom from my writings into one place. However that place is secret so you must make do with this place.

Ok Peoples - welcome to my bog and I hopes you look forward to many postings on increasing Adsense earnings by use of popular sayings in my country Rumania.

Important note to peoples here:

If you want to make best use of my advices you MUST have ugly sister to hand to do work. What if you have no ugly sister I hear you asking. Never mind! I have two and can lend one at at cheap rate on first come first serving basis. Only $4.99 per hour. I even supply stick to beat her with. best Ugly sister offer ever - hurry hurry before fully booked. Please see below for Ugly Sister Picture.

(I take all credit cards and will post them back to you as soon as possible after you send them to me. Please remember to include all account details.)

Ugly Sister Picture

This is Ugly sister in best clothes and make up ready to go out on street to earn money.
With street money we will buy turnip press and make much turnip wine for export to Europe and American people. You will love our Turnip wine - only 2% methanol!
Ugly sister is due much beatings when she gets home later because I have just noticed that she did not finish picking carrots from top field.
She is lazy Ugly sister and I must beat her often.